THE BRING By Cynthia Gentile

The Bring

Beloved poetic Sweetness
You are a flash of joy here
You are my dearest adoration
A fantasy come true
I felt your eyes undressing me
Enjoying earthily warmness
I tasted your desire
Your envy partners sweet and sour

My great warrior take rest
Come lie here within me
Allow me to fill your every craving
Hunger and thirst
You’ve found me at last
This flower blooms for you
I’ll paint you with bright colors
My ecstasy we are ageless

You exude royalty
Amidst your request to marry
A band of unity’s vows will be
Exchanged at the altar
If death is by cake come
Let us eat together and drift
You are my happiness
Marvelous magnificent man

I can still hear sounds of the
Chandelier as we swung
Many crowd around
Wanting your companionship
I only ask you come
Swing on the porch of my love
You are my spotless dream
Manifested here

My life is a living dream assuredly
Come relish in the fulfillment of it
Sip, taste Fingers, roam
Trusts bring pleasurable moans
You’ve entered my paradise
Come and spread inside
Awake to my wetness, moist kisses
Soft and seductive



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