TAKE A SIP By Ngam Emmanuel

Take a sip

Take my child this calabash and keep
Sip it’s content whenever you lack sleep
In it my heart, my soul my all
You’ll think of home whenever you fall
Entangled in mesh of snares recall
Words l give and you’ll always stand tall

Drink my child, take this cold water
All blessings l ever have to offer
So that on life’s highway you don’t suffer
Even when your feeble limbs begin to stutter.

Gurgle it down your patched throat
When heat of frustration from heart’s crust
Dehydrates your only tiny dews of hope
Chill down, relax! Don’t mope like dope
All is that, sip from it, its my Love’s cup

When your dreams perspire to near convulsion
Keep eyes on the stars, legs ever in motion
For secret of life’s success is to keep moving
Swinging forward and backward, falling and rising.

Ngam Emmanuel©®15-5-21

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