Never too old

Down Casually at midnight
Another drunken fight
Concussion and a Hangover
The trophies of a ‘perfect’ night

Monday back to boring
‘Respectable’ an act
Another story made as scars parade
It’s called ‘Diplomacy and tact’

Partner screams with shame
Little understanding
To me It’s about being a known ‘Name’

Some part of yesterday a Soccer match
Happened I am sure
Was not there to watch it
Someone say the final score

No, not of the Ball game
Us and them you fool
Ahh right, that’s good, that’s proper
They now know who this turf do rule

Living like a pendulum
Swinging to and fro
Reaching end of one direction
Now just other one to go

Shirt and Tie for the Office
Again, before the Beak
Suitable downcast expression
As lower Fine do seek

You are never too old to be a Hooligan
Boasted the perfect example of how to be a bad example to their Children

Ian Wilcox

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