by Joseph Gnatek

Beware the radical Fringe
with “Marjorie Taylor Green-like eyes”
as they commit their immoral sins.
With eyes glossed over,
and an artificial smile,
they’ll tell you how President Trump
is the one who really did win.

It’s not one lie.
It’s a large set of calibrated lies,
told over and over and over again.
Put forth by organized propaganda franchises,
on which the Republican loyals din.

To give you an idea how effective it is
to implement this kind of propaganda sin,
70% of Republican voters still believe
the election was stolen by Joe Biden.
Even though he won by 7 million votes,
after all the counts are in.

Their fearless leader, Donald Trump
is about to be indicted on several fronts,
but the biggest lies are yet to begin.
There’s another organized front
supported by the likes of Fox News
and a set of coopted Republican politicians
that just continues to spread its lies and spin.

How did the world release Germany
from the grips of Hitler before world war II,
before the murdering ravages, indeed, moved in???
The world didn’t, of course,
and the world paid the price . . .
again and again and again!

The writing’s on the wall;
this is exactly what they do.
They terrorize and propagandize,
and tell their vicious lies,
from within!

The truth no longer matters,
All that matters is that the story is consistent
and repeated in all its twisted vainglory,
and perpetuated to support the party line,
and the singular message of mass appeal
that claims some sort of moral ideal.
Some hijacked message from the divine
that claims moral high ground
in “the end of times”,
but actually got twisted and tangled
on the propaganda vine,
and is told again and again and again,

from within.
Beware before it’s too late . . . again!

Oh, and the insurrection?
Well that never happened
according to many Republican politicians.
They’d like you to forget what your eyes saw
On January 6th.
They’d like you to forget about
the 140 police officers injured
And the 5 fatalities including an officer.
(I included the picture in case you’ve forgotten)

© 5/15/21 🙏🎯✍️ Joe Gnatek

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