I woke up with clouds of excitement
Hovering like a halo above my head
My morning hunger couldn’t be fed
I’d barely conceal my grandiloquent
Pleasure at the prospect
Of airflight, flying for first a time
It was sweet like confect
With a breath of sweet spring, sublime

The once busy airport
Was as empty as a church on Monday
No flirtatious consort
As I envisaged. Bleakness descended my way
The large bubbly bird on the tarmac
Patiently awaited to be filled
While other planes parked like unused almanac
Sparse passengers masked like Ninjas
Sat like wraiths waiting at the stairway to heaven
Aptly observing the ritual of social distance
My pleasure and anticipation turned to agitation

Claivoyant I was not, but I felt dread
Lodged like a wedge in me deep
The fingers of fear gripped my head
My nerves piled happily in a heap
A baby nearby suckled his mother’s breast
With no care in the world
A wife near her husband sought to be caressed
Two boisterous boys banged heads on the aisle
Until the remonstration of an attendant brought order

Finally the plane started to charge towards Marsaile
A gnawing ache was such a bother
Above, I was in awe, I looked through the window
At the roads looking like baby boomslangs making a grand entrance
I felt like I was a mile close to God’s golden door

Suddenly, we flew into turbulence, I was in trance
The reassurance from the pilot
Did not do well to offer me any ample assurance
I was like a brisket in a basket

Seeking swift act of deliverance
But before my tongue’d lift the roof of my mouth in orison
All ears splitted by a booming sound
The plane disintegrated In slow movie-like motion
We spiralled towards the ground
Intent to leave us high going down or dry
Ferocious fire engulfed us all
Here we were, we’re not ready yet to die
But die we must. We started to fall
Charred, severed heads and limps had no time to say goodbye

No magic to upturn this tragic end
So, this is my last flight, my friend
We were headed to heaven or perdition
Frogs with no choice without best condition

Cold sweat made me shiver
My eyes flew open this morning
It was a bad dream. I quiver
Sighing. Satisfied. Teary, trembling
I greeted the golden grey morning
With a rare smile saved for success
I was reborn and lay appreciating
Every tiny bit of life’s lugubrious essence

©️William Warigon™️

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