Earn a living by all means but not on the graves of the innocent,
Ascend to power by whatever means but not on the integrity of compromising truth,
Hold onto what you have acquired by all means,
Even without scriptures, right and wrong are tenets known to a human heart,
Wrong will never ascend a throne without the silent applause of the masses,
And the loud defense of it by those society thinks credible.
True loss is when truth has been dragged through the murky swamps of shameful denial.
It’s how iniquity passes onto the future as an affliction more like a curse,
To hung round the necks of children whose only crime was birth by men less than honest in their dealings.
Way forward then is way backwards to the basis and foundations of truth,
For redemption is never cheap nor validation a matter of slight of hand.

Nancy Ndeke
@ May 2021

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