THE POET AND THE MOON By Birendu Kumar Sinha

A glowing long spiralling celestial path
Tiny white crystals of floral shower bath
The princess bride in her flahing white attire
Bedecked with jewel- stars fanned by Zephyr

The Martian groom aghast in tipsy ebullience
The earth below yearning to inhale her fragrance
The bride smelled Jasmine her hair flowing down
Donning silver gold her flowing impassioned gown

The Muse sent me above as its own ambassador
Scaled fancy ladder helped me climb upstairs
She lay arms akimbo in her floating chariot
Followed by a retinue of planetary consort

The princess of white kingdom smiled at me
My heart went gungho to die or to be
O,welcome to thee my lover versifier
My sonnetier using simile and metaphor

And the poet and the moon thus one night met
Their poemic love keeps blooming till date

Copyright©️Birendu Kumar Sinha from India

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