O Lord God the emperor of the living world
See, how your creation is in peril
Mankind thy first and foremost creatures about to derail
The youth the future maker of nation
The preserver of your creation
Retire from life without remuneration
Much before their superannuation

Working classes far away from livelihood
Pet animals deprived of food, their broods
Silence reigns over solitude
Warriors against Corona unable to brood
Over the pandemic situation so rude

Remain not in deep silence
Time is fleeting far distance
To take your test no patience
Your eminent sons and daughters
Your worshippers, appreciators
Singers, men of letters, sculptors
Artists, architects, orators in all
Leaving this mundane world with your call
Deserted are we children as orphans quite helpless
To stand on our own legs to shoulder the stress of loneliness

O saviour, emerge in a new form
Stay unseen but kill the germ
Save the world, save generations
Selfish are we human beings
Still are we all your offsprings

©️Ramesh Chandra Pradhani

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