The Grand Father
Advanced in age
Sat on a top ladder
Looking like a sage
Had an answer to every question
He knew his defined destination
And his twin twinkling eyes
Could detect all kinds of lies
He was a man of few words
Words that set rich standards
Many loved to seep from his spring
Of Solomonic wisdom, so they bring
Their empty cups of vanity
He filled them with humility
And taught them the value of meekness
As the core of valuechain of worthiness
When he died
They all tried
To fill the gaping gulf he left behind
Yet, they tried but will never ever find
One as wise as the old, wizened grandfather
While he lived, they thought he’d live forever
He is gone and so are his words with him
Till in eternity they’ll be reunited with him
®©William Warigon 2018(

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