I brought you home
To get my mom’s blessing as new daughter
She had sons, handsome
And wanted even an ugly daughter

Her first son brought a wife
After Mom spoke in many tongues
They left for Belarus for life
So, I got to change mom’s songs

Here, my Igbo Princess
That learned to bend down
And steal our senses
And beautify our dark frown

My moony mother, meek as Moses
Fell head over heels in love with you
So I can’t find fault in your excess
You are the daughter from the blue

Seriously, as an aside
It gladdens my heart to see you glide
As you deftly hide
In the pleasure of my mom’s smile

You were a thief of heart
You stole my mother’s heart
Your humility got her catawampus
She sees you as the golden goose

As a shy Sheriff that I am
I want to be the Sheikh in you
You ate my mother’s ram
And kiss me with its blood too

So, let’s make Mama merry
Let her dance like a winery wench
Her happiness tastes like berry
I declare, in you I forever clench

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