LIFE By Philip Mainge

Life is very sweet and sour
You must work every hour
You must wake up early
Everyday very early
Like birds that wake up early
You are a child of the universe
You must read this verse
Don’t kill yourself
Don’t hate yourself!
Before you were born
Like everybody who was born
People were dying
Others were left working
“Ni vyema kukumbuka”
( Remember)
(It’s good to remember)
If you die
And this is not a lie
The sun won’t stop shining
Birds won’t stop singing!
Rivers won’t stop flowing
You will miss the sunshine
The bright sunshine
And you will never see the sunshine
And regrettably
And obviously
You won’t know you’re dead
Having reached your end!
The dead end

©® Philip Mainge,6/5/2021
Kenya EA.

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