The calculating mind.

What goes on under the eyes, inside the brain?
Do you calculate the gain for you or not maybe,
you’re on the spot, now do you take the strain?
Or scream, in indecision scurry away like a baby?

I know how to get the prize off him with my plan,
he is a man and massaging his ego, maybe more.
Make him feel good sensually, my face deadpan,
work him over, seduce him and make him sore.

I can get what I want off her, a piece of cake!
Buy her ‘Things’ then go on to control her head,
some men do this; the dominant types, fakes!
Very sad cases; the weaker sex is laying dead.

Now to kids, with mums and dads as their toys,
how do they manipulate, or do they at all try?
Girls are a softer material, moreso than boys,
But parents give with love, they don’t look for why?

So, behind the eyes is a distance travelled often,
Few humans seek to calculate, at the very start.
A smile, a frown; eyes flutter seeking to soften,
but the relief is when all it’s done with a good heart.

©️ Terrence O’Brien

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