On a peaceful Wednesday evening, the King dressed in full royal regalia mounted on horse back with his entourage.
Walked around the corners of New-Bussa, for royal visit before he returned to the historic Gbemusu palace. There he met his subjects, accorded him encomium and greetings.
Ran Sarki Yadadi! Luda Kító! May the King live long and reign supreme, says his subjects.
When he arrived at Gbemusu palace, the guards covered the king like a hen sheltering her chicks while he stepped down from his horse.
Ran Sarki yadade! Dan-Sarki, Jikan Sarki! Manman Jikan Manman! May the King live long, son to a king, the grandson to a king, Manman the grandson of Manman and the encomium continues…

Here comes the King and in company are his District Heads on Jahi Ground to graced yet another auspicious occasion.

The announcer, announced the arrival of His Highness with the best adjectives and dictums he could gathered in his brilliant head. The King smiled and the crowd cheered in adoration.
It’s on that day the King met his match. The hidden jewel reappeared before his Highness with all her charms and beauty.
The maidens were called upon and ÀSÀKE woo the King and his subjects with her seductive danced steps.


ÀSÀKE, the enchantress
You who dances with grace
Dances your way to the
Palace of King’s heart
Bewitched the King with your alluring smile

ÀSÀKE, the hunters daughter
You who hunt with your waist
You whose eyes pierces
The hearts of Borgian princes
Woo Kings and thier subjects

The charm that charmed the charmer’s eyes
Dangling her mountain backyard
To and fro with sizzling dance steps
The crowd cheers in absolute joy
Glee and glued to her mountain
Like an iron rod bind to magnet
In their eyes you could see
Snowflakes of bliss falling

Oh my! The king murmured
Went head shacking
Hattara dai! ÀSÀKE, be warned!
Says the palace guards with a thunderlike voice
ÀSÀKE heed not to warning
Nor the cautioning of palace guards
Dances her way to the King’s heart
Paying obeisances to ÀSÀKE’s dance steps

What magic!
The crowd cheers
As she sway the mountains
Resting on her backyard
Effortlessly and free

His palace her playground
His crown her toy
His heart she ate

A jawdropping sounds of Tambourine and Kakaki added color to the fun filled and beautiful Jahi arena.
The crowd cheered and the maidens danced to the tune of the music.

ÀSÀKE: A Yoruba name for maiden in Southwestern Nigeria
Hattara Dai: Hausa word meaning ‘Be warned!’.
Borgu: Local Government Area in Niger State, North Central Nigeria.
Borgian: Geographical name for Bissa speaking people.

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