THE PHOENIX By Bennie S. Alan

The Phoenix

The doors and windows are holdfast.
I am crucified in my chamber of predator.
Spolo, the sacrificial lamb of New Age.
Empty-bellied vultures, prey on a living corpse.
Darkened cloud, comes in the firmament.

I was led,into an unknown cave.
Looking at every cardinal point, like a lost sojourner,
Until I hear a voice from behind, yelling Spolo, Spolo, Spolo.
When I turned back, my eyes met Varfee’s,
My beloved brother, who answered the call of his antecedent.
Like an angel, bright was his face,
Heaven was his ground.

“Young and sageful lad,
What are you doing in this curse field,” he asked.

“I don’t know, it was the wind of torture, that blew me this far,”
I replied.
“Lad I have failed, will you fail?
Will our tale be tragic only,
Won’t you make it comedic?
Lad, go back to your world,
My chambers, are all inhabited.
This world, is dagger to your neck.
Go! go! go! Brother go!
Go, complete your quest.
There are many hands,
Waiting to be held by you.
Rise, like the Phoenix!

He disappeared,
Then came the grieving storm.
After the storm,
There was a flood,
Like the flood of Noah.
When all was over,
Came the roaring wind,
The first to have ever been seen,
On, and beyond, Earth.
Behind the wind, the mighty Phoenix,
The mysteries you have been awaiting.

I am, the mighty Phoenix!
The glowing dawn,
Of the sunset in Monrovia!
I am the Bennie, you never known.

Written by : Bennie S Alan( Lord Bennie)

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