THE LUCK POT By Kelly Juuz

The luck pot

Handsome, i call in your name,
On this road to no where,
Where serenity belows,
Where peace flows like a river,
As I speak, i speak peace in your doings,
Good luck is necessary in life
But I know that you are too bold
You know things that people may not know
You smile but yes you don’t show
Good luck is for people who want it
But you know everything to bit
Still I wish you luck by your side
I am sure you will change the tide
And make things better indeed!
Good luck to you, handsome,
Brighten all worries and excel,
You’re coming home, to me for good’
The sky will kiss your wishes,
And joy shall outwind reality of things
For our good, till the seas dry
I hate to say i miss you for long
Goodluck, is the best wish at hand
The apple of your heart, says;
Goodluck my handsome, goodluck.

©Author Kelly JUUZ

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