Countryside II By Felix Ndukwadan Theman

Countryside II

I wish I could fetch you back to my country home,
Where the sun is not covered by illusion to gloom,
Nor bewitched by the beauty of flowers that blossom,
Where she sleeps not by night but reclines to groom,
There I wish I could utterly charm you to yield,

I wish I could snaffle you to those days of old,
When harmattan’s weather was grimly fierce and cold,
And summer rains trailed every night for days and bold,
Sheaves of corn, bags of nuts heaped high like knoll,
Now a fairy-tale whispered and gossiped by the old,

I wish I could yank you backwards like the bow,
The plains and hills of the quiet savannah to plough,
Free from bearded beast and its staccato’s row,
My country home where mercy and compassion was law,
And kissed every passing calming breeze that blew,

Countryside, where you tremble at the littlest wrong,
And quietude the loudest sound from its throng,
Through avowed and minded ideals high and strong,
That world I wish I could there make you belong,
The solemnest contemplation of a father’s song,

I wish I could lend you the memories of my eyes,
That beheld the thrills of nature without tears,
I wish I could the melodious sounds spare of birds,
As the moon and stars faded, the Sun her day stares,
I wish I could, where tranquility rests on men’s hearts.

©️ Felix Ndukwadan Theman
Photo: Courtesy of BT Ali, AUN, Yola

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