Rose Are Red, Violets Are Blue By Brenda Mohammed


On the train that day she looked,
As he wrote in her autograph book,
“Roses are red, violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet, but not as sweet as you.”
Years later, she stood still when she heard that song
Thinking of him and wondering what went wrong.
He departed the world, and she wondered aloud.
What would have happened if he did not go abroad?
They were high school kids when they met on the train.
She recalled the day when they ran from the rain.
They travelled in groups and caught glimpses of each other.
On graduation day she received his love letter.
He was leaving to go abroad to further his education.
He wished if she could meet him there on a vacation.
But she had other plans and tore up his letter.
She embarked on a lucrative career and a bright future.
He did not give up and returned when he was qualified.
To her surprise, he proposed marriage and she was mortified.
She was already engaged to be married and she broke his heart.
When she told him, she saw it in his eyes when he fell apart.
Years later he returned to see her with his wife.
He said he wanted to tell her all about his life.
After spending more than an hour in her office talking.
She politely told him she had another appointment waiting.


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