NOT PERFECT By William Warigon


When you realize your infallibility
And soak your pride in humility,
Then you’ll rise above the obstacle
That nails like an egg-rotten debacle.

When nails like rains rail towards your sail,
Don’t bail or yell to holy Grail to go to hell.
Callow cows crowing over to cow you to submission
Are fault finders with crowns of guilts in their possession.

Stick to your truth like the root of Ruth.
Captious cranes cranning each neck
To peck on you are mere nosey sleuth
Niggling for malice for a trivia’s sake.

Your filthy rags are your trademark
That doesn’t overshadow your beautiful soul.
Be spartan still. You’ll reach the Mark.
Strive not give hypocrisy your all and whole.

Be you to you for only you.
Your dirt, due ‘dorned for divine dew
Will make a snowy white you.
Sky favours will rain on you to accrue.

Perfection is that pin we lost in the sand dunes.
Make do with the imperfections in your tunes.
A raw, raggedy voice is better than fake melody.
Join the band of merry humbled in a perfect harmony.
©️ William Warigon ™️

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