Born Free By Mildred De Joya Par


Man is born free and free we must be
to be free like a bird and to spread out
our wings, our principles, our own ideals
we must fly high, as high as we aspire
to roam the skies, our scaffolds set right
to arise, design of foundation is solidified
therefore, it is stable, firm and sensible
be at par excellance, life is sustainable.

Then comes love, intense and passionate
setting its reign on hearts so so obstinate
with all its whims and desires, deconstruct
the set foundation on a cornerstone rock
thus, it wavers irresolute, definitely insane
should it be given a chance to dominate
Its whole design, may the master reinstate
to give balance to life, resolve the human fate.

Must the human love be given a chance
to fit in the world of perfect circumstance?
should it be denied of pleasure and rapture
in a perfect world of human life grandeur
who holds the key to unravel the mystery
for the dawning of a new era of humanity
unleashed by a supreme being, a mystery
in decision of human fate, we are born free.

Copyright @ Mildred De Joya Par
25 February 2021
Photo credits Google

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