I had the tripple take
When I gave her cake
To declare my intention to knock on her door.
She’s one I’d always love to cherish and adore.
She read the clear meaning written on the clouds of my intention.
She scratched her head and took my cake to her modest destination.
Before the sun yawned its way to bed
She returned with a smirk and said:
“I cannot love you like you love me
For I know that I’m your sister, see?
It is incest to insist to have a taste.
We should look elsewhere, it’s best.”
Now as I scratched my head to decipher her grim postulation;
I’m an only scion.Father never fathered any daughter in this nation.
So, how could she be a sister without my own DNA?
Should I put my tail between my legs and take a hike, eh?
Or hightail on her ridiculous assertion and persist anyway?
After all I learnt the damsel loved suitors her games to play.
I should roll the dice twice for to test the waters.
My patience waters deserts until they sprout flowers.
I am inside the tepid water of insipid cauldron.
I am either stuck in gorrilla gum or I try to run.
I am an only scion, I am and remain still.
You aren’t blood. I’ll show you how I feel.

©️ William Warigon™️
📸 R.O

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