RUNNING MY RACE By Felix Ndukwadan Theman

Running My Race,

I have walked in this life to run my race,
And on the heels of my feet to tread my pace,
Though have desired to gain more space,
In this affrighted life but only his grace,
Can give on the benevolence of his will,

But I do not know if I have been fair,
To the things which have been to me so dear,
Though the tortuous roads I walked I do fear,
And had been my pain n without doubt crystal clear,
But let me tell the world my compelling story,

I have long doubted the strength of my capability,
To accomplish things noble from my activity,
Due to my seeming but unfeigned vulnerability,
And years have gone by n still sick of my ability,
In the earth I cherish and to me so dear,

I’ve starved not for riches nay to accomplish,
And have vigiled in the years past to establish,
The courage to face fires wicked n brutish,
Not prideful way my pitiful world to brandish,
My date with history is yet to be like the sun,

But I will stick to running this race without let,
Until my date like the shining northern star is made,
But if His grace though sufficient carries me not,
To render as willed n my end comes and late,
Tarry not to tell my story before my bones settle to dust,

Though not the annals of my attainment to render,
Nor the tales of my acquirement thats tender,
But the story of my struggle amidst lifes dangers,
While desiring to stride for victories here n farther,
I wont fail to hunger n run until my day is done,

For I know I must run the race,
On the feet of my heels the pace,
According to my god given grace,
I can tread and gain more space,
Victories can only be won every hour by his power,

©️Felix Ndukwadan Theman 2021

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