AGONY OF GLORY By Abdulrouf Wasiu

Agony of glory

Pain wears a tainted garment,
Rough-walks off umbilical tour,
Mirage the lens, delusion–in afar;
Parallel gestures of water swells, as
Life presumes reality in bold image.

Mortality statue erected in the
turnaround road–inflictions;
timidity, turbidity and fragility
turn famous, with hard sorrow.

Icons in the eyes of the world
Mortals in the head of the globe
Celebrating bitterness in secrecy
As shame shapes them to fame.

Wolrd don’t celebrate cowards,
those whose thorn turns
their petals to pythons
Naked body of the world’s son
Covered with blanket of well-known.

Poorness summons peace of mind
Glory attracts dangerous omen
Duo resides at equal range
For the world turns plainly smooth.

Negro don’t subscribe to polarity
Fallacy turns their drinkable water
They chew epigrams in anagrams
anus alone could purge them separately

Give apes banana
They hold you feast of dance
Shenk mammals off their needs
From you—turn down their request
Only to strip and rip you apart.

None would fill peoples’ grimace
Only the supreme holds
party of equality
Between you and them.

I am Abdulrouf Wasiu
©®August 2020.

This is one of the poem I wrote in 2020,
August precisely.

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