CHAD’S CHAT:…Of ‘Unclueless’ Presidents and Clueless Inactions

…Of ‘Unclueless’ Presidents and Clueless Inactions

In his book, My Transition Hours, former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan ‘laughed’ at those who called him clueless and says a Nigerian president is one of the most powerful of presidents in the world – because he knows anything he wants to know within minutes.

While the man sought to make us understand that he is not clueless, he also contradicted himself seeing that under his watch, insecurity rose to frightening levels. He says he has access to real time information yet he could not explain to us how the 274 Chibok girls were ferried out of school at night without military confrontation. We can assume he did not divulge that information because of security reasons (well, they always hide under this excuse to mask their ineptitude) but he was unable to secure the release of the girls before he left the Villa in 2015.

Enter President Muhammadu Buhari. And of course we also assume that like his predecessor, he isn’t clueless and knows what happens anywhere in Nigeria whenever he wants to (that is, he has information about everything readily at the tip of his finger). But like Goodluck Jonathan, Dappchi girls and Kankara boys have been abducted under his ‘uncluelessness’ and vast array of intelligence reports and reviews at his disposal.

Folks, isn’t it clear that with Nigeria and security, we are always ‘blessed’ with presidents who knows everything about what is happening just as we are also cursed with presidents who do not use what they know to proactively stop the abductions and killings in the country. Knowledge that is not applied for good purposes is a shame to whoever has it.

© Chad Otsapa

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