Handcuffed by coughs By Thomas Peretu

Handcuffed by coughs

from the east
we import yet another
metaphor—-sly and cunning
in silence she creeps
from vessel

to vessel
active like a thrush floating in the air
her stamp and seal litter
the waves of every groaning sea
she is the centre of

in convocations she reign
as queen
with a cyclonic rage
she decimates

the finest—-
refined and unrefined
we are holed up
squashed like dominoes
between the palace

and the common streets
there’s no picnic
here we await
the profuse wails
of daily dosage on tubes

from fascists
to democtrats
no emblem is
all fences crumble

into footnotes
as she roams in the air untamed
my world is a tortured
a brotherhood

handcuffed by the
uncommon cough of history

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