POETIC JUSTICE 217-By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


My son
It is time to leave the nest
My son
I know your move next

But remember that bees sting
No matter the sweet and rich honey
Tread well and the game you bring
I shall eat, savour more than money

Remove the irony and oxymoron
Avoid the deadly oxycodon
I didn’t raise you to be a moron
Steer clear of the tempt of porn

Once you heed to my call
Your path would be paved with gold
Focus from morning to fall
And your new joy will never grow old

Don’t just get it on
Do get it all right
Embrace the sun
It’d make you bright

Embrace the power like the sun
Dominate your makeshift universe
You aren’t a street urchin’s son
You are of the Master of the Universe

©William Warigon™2020

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