Kobe Bryant:What’s A Wife- Mother To Do? By William Warigon


She must have woken up in the morning
Weaving a song for a glorious opening
She waltzed to the kitchen with sprite
In her steps. Pirouetting birds in sight
By the windowsill. She laughed heartily
It was a perfect day. She was so happy

The news of an Asian virus blarred that day
Was bad, but could not mar her day anyway
The thoughts of her family filled her heart
She set the table, the pride of her hearth
Sumptuous meal, aroma wafting through
Like it was an Angels’ Thanksgiving do too

They fervently prayed, they hungrily ate, shared giggly jokes
It was fated to be the last happy meal for the Kobe folks
Disaster impatiently lurked in the clear blue sky
It was a day millions were moved to sigh and cry

The last kiss by loving wife to her husband
A kiss for a daughter wearing a head band
Their distinct smell still lingered on her lips
When darkness had her heart in shreds, rips
She thought her ears were only lying
Until she saw the grey smoke rising

Where could she buy the tears to cry today
All her friends’re at the Grammy’s that day
She thought she was merely dreaming
But she could hear herself screaming
Only to be mercifully shrouded in sweet oblivion
There she willed to have the power to make time her minion

But alas, time did not favor her at all
Cruel death has made her heart fall
They connived and robbed her of happiness
Her cup brews with darkness, steaming in sadness
If only it was a dream, or a perfect nightmare
She’d then wake up to join the laughing pair

©William Warigon™2020

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