I wonder the world finds courage in careless chattering
The children along lonesome faithless ventures of life,
How most demented finds laughter in bloomed faces
Of prickings enduring the sullenly demured rose’s stings.

I Often wonder how singes sneak in opened lips of
panes sketching sultry accentuates on horrid walls
the yesterday’s we left soggy lips of spent shores,

Wonder why the moon meanders your neglige
in sleek locks the dark corners of my private closet;
Left your scented body on sheets of vanity before dreams
Vanguished into strange nightmares of self inflicts.

Wonder how i’ll quell this madness, sensing every moans
Your whispers sold the wind elegance your fate
Sold the soul every will the currency of vamped desires,
The lust your breaths sold the sun liberating my chests.

Till my lips drink under water sleek remnants of deep
continue swim I this sea’s remnants your yesterdays.

Okey fortune,

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