NANCY’S STABLE 13 By Nancy Ndeke


Has been gathering dust, and cobwebs
Blown bulbs dangling on bent posts
Paths choking with broken dreams
Love dragging its rusty feel on spiky gravel
Our way
Weeping at birth knowing the fate ahead
Angels look on unable to pray
For we blocked goodwill with deafness
Our way has fallen on the rude highway
A race filled with pride and false valor
We recycle old schemes long out of order
Our way wails for change
A specie teeming with ambiguity of morals
We sludge on with impunity drinking power to insulate our vulnerability
Our way is full to the brim with toxicity
Forward is arrested by inertia where love once resided
And the emptiness of humanity is games that glorify wrongs and harms
In the name of gods of sectarian barbarism
And nowhere is this shadowed anarchy more alive than among those God lifted with favor
Against others whose fault is belief in the integrity of humankind
Our way is no longer the way
Our way is scuttling the way
And something needs doing,
Only WE, without doubt or persuasion
May sail this faltering ship of humanity
To THE WAY of truth and light.
No aliens or powers beyond us owes us.
It has to be us.Nancy Ndeke
@ December 2019

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