NANCY’S STABLE 12 By Nancy Ndeke

Feasting on the first day of every dawn
I fast in between drawn breaths
I frisk the path seeking a toehold
Knowing i knew me once upon a lifetime back
Before i fell on the laps of eager fresh bent on filling the earth
Am a first,
None but none is like me or ever will
My pains and gains uniquely mine even in the crowd
My fate beating plans laid by best of intentions
Am a first like celebratory parties and landmark anniversaries
Iconic whether acclaimed, disclaimed or outrightly ignored
Death or alive the matter is neither here nor there
The order i follow is never written in journals or certifications of entries and exits
My being whether pampered or paupered is a passing cloud and so temporal
My soul lifts in anticipation of a past that lived well
Before this experiential terrain of insatiable egos and experimental thuggery
Am a first, like all beginners and beginnings,
And i live in the now which is as old as the beginning before calendars and clocks,
For i am of and in the revolving static of the mystical universe as all else.

Nancy Ndeke
@ December 2019

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