Songs from sweet Sudan’s lips
Spurned us to rejoice
There’s progress coming in heaps
Men are no longer boys
Yesterday’s inertia is gone
Despotic tendencies are now taboo
The voice of the people’s turned
From subservience to assertive, anew
The wars that had ravaged our motherland
Branding on our tired faces dried blood
From the excess of the militia’s vile hand
Had finally opened our eyes in a ballad
Of determination to take our future
Into our open arms
How come xenophobia is a fixture?
Many men are apt and up in arms
Fighting debuting diseases
While insurgents destroying farms
Fanning embers of hunger
Despots sit tight on thrones they stole
Wearing gowns of corruption with impunity
Africa, you are not cursed to stay stale
Come ,fight for progress and peace in unity

Copyright©William Warigon 2019.All Rights Reserved

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