A Cry For Help- By William Warigon


I always do read between the lines
Of all the sound bites your write
It is only obvious, fit and trite
That ‘am an antidote to he who pines

I can’t bear for you to keel over
I can’t bear to hear ambulance blare shrilly
I won’t wait until on a gurney you lie lifelessly
I will wait for you to start over

It tears me to shreds to see your charade
You mask your pain
Again and again. In vain
You try to fool me not to come to your aid

Through slitted looks, many a time I’ve caught you
When your guard is lowered
When you ceased to glower
I search souls, I see what you’re going through

Clairvoyant I am not
But a soul searcher and a carer
I am. I am your solution sharer
The real deal, that sort

Now, I beseech you, to hide your pride
Come clean and let’s renew your troubled soul
Thrash out what ails within; behold, be whole
Be reborn like a cherubic heavenly bride

Take a step by sharing your fears
Take a step by shedding your tears
Then let solution put plans in gears
To lift you higher than your peers

The chalice of wine will never heal
The wrap of weed is no cure
They only make you insecure
I will still lead you to have a clean bill

See, there is always a room for a second chance
Even when the chances look slim
Remember, the sun is never dim
If you follow me, you’ll live for tomorrow’s dance.

©William Warigon™ 2018

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