FORGOTTEN REMEDY – By William Warigon


Sound the trumpet, beat the gongs
Sing those old war songs
Arise from your slumber
This is no time to surrender
Find the cusp of the old courage
That held the wine of valour
Lead this lily-livered entourage
Whose faces are riddled with fear’s pallor
Find the amulets that were buried in the deep
Cast them into the flames ravaging our hearts
This endless circle of bloodshed had run deep
And no more shall you flee like ragged rats
Find your voice and roar like the lion you are
Occupy where your birthright is stamped with your star
This ancient land that lays open and wide, awaiting you
Is destined for your sole possession. Never allow the few
To wrest it from your many tentacles
You’re not born to be a slave in shackles
Remember when dragons have flown from your fury in fiery fear
When giants had trembled upon the ground you had trodden?
Follow the old paths of your ancient powers
Remaining but for few are the hours
That will define what your future holds.
Time to bend low and cow?
Or mend the land and sow.

©William Warigon 2015

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