KOGI ELECTORAL VIOLENCE: THE IGP IS A DISGRACE TO INCOMPETENCEListening to Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mohammed Adamu say the policemen that perpetrated electoral fraud and violence in the Kogi and Bayelsa states off circle elections this past Saturday were fake police officers is another reason why Nigeria is failing and heading towards damnation. In both states, the police deployed more than 66,000 police men/women to cover the elections and yet, the IGP has the temerity and the confidence to say this nonsense! What happened to checks on the highways? How did these armed fake policemen enter the states?This is a crystal clear indication that the IGP and his men are worse than being incompetent because they could not stop this from happening. We remember that in Lokoja, and on the Tuesday before the Saturday election, a meeting of critical election stakeholders was held and the IGP, in attendance himself, was told that there are plans by some politicians to use fake policemen during the election. To be forewarned is to be forearmed but clearly this means nothing to the IGP – because events occured just as people feared they would. Kogi State had 35,000 policemen on duty – and the IGP can still say fake policemen were responsible for the quantum of violence in the state? Only in Nigeria! Only in Nigeria!!With these recent events, Nigeria is clearly on autodrive – because in other countries, a disgrace to incompetence like the IGP would dishonorably resign from that elevated office after the sham in Kogi State. And to think he had the audacity to say the matter would be investigated (while boasting that eleven persons have been arrested) points to how fast Nigeria is descending into becoming a Banana Republic where the Hobbesean state of nature becomes the normal. Sadly,, we have a president who never sacks incompetent lieutenants, however they behave.The Kogi and Bayelsa election is a prove that any gain Nigeria made since democracy (no, civilian rule) was returned in 1999 has been eroded and disgraced on a single day, owing to the primitive incompetence of one man (and those he may be working for). This is the worst time to be a Nigerian.Tufiakwa!!!© Chad X

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