It is 5pm – and today is International Men’s Day, yeah? And since morning, na only 2% of women on my timeline don celebrate the men (fathers, husbands, boyfriends/lovers, male friends) in their lives. Haba ma na!!!

See ba, men dey suffer pass!

Men are rarely appreciated and celebrated by their families and friends and this is perhaps one of the reasons why there are more women than men and more widows than widowers – because many men die early trying to provide for their families, including their mothers, wives, girlfriends/lovers and children.

Men are predominantly the commercial drivers, the gatemen, the soldiers, the politicians, the bankers, the pastors, the police officials, the imams, the traveling salespersons, the heads of firms/organizations/companies – and even the terrorists, the smugglers, the pirates, the kidnappers and the armed robbers. And as they engage in these legal and illegal professions, which often puts men in harm’s way, the goal is (ceteris paribus) to make mothers, wives, sisters and children smile and happy.

See ehn, and especially in Buhari’s and Ortom’s Nigeria and Benue State, to be a (responsible) man is not easy fa! Thus, as women bone us today, i join other men to celebrate us and say that may God bless me and all the men (good or bad) out here trying to become better for themselves and their families/loved ones.

© Chad Otsapa

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