POETIC JUSTICE 181 – By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


Along the way where void
Waves goodbye to the nameless future
Many characters line the pavement of fate
Trials besiege
Triumphs elude
Happy nemesis bond with the necromancer
As they jump and skip
To the detriment of the traveler
His road so hard and windy
So unpredictable and dark
As he trudges like a pilgrim
After a tedious while
He scales the high wall of temptation
He lands on the other side
Here there is marbled floor of closure
Smiles are genuine as African diamonds
Love like butterflies decorate the sphere
Peace as tangible as a skin
Rivers of wine,streams of milk
Honeyed voices laugh and sing
Wiped clean slates, new pages
In God’s coloring book
Familiar faces planted in memories
Like blossoming flowers greet
With real delight
Finally, he gets his comeuppance.
Sighing with gratitude for a race won
©William Warigon 2019

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