How Xenophobia started

*How Xenophobia started*….

A south African, a Ghananian and a Nigerian were caught red handed drinking alcohol in Saudi Arabia, where consumption of Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

The three of them were dragged in front of the Sultan, who said:
“You will get 50 lashes for the consumption of alcohol. However, since you are foreigners and did not know about the prohibition, I will be lenient. ..

Each of you will have a wish before getting the punishment.
You start, Ghanaian”

Ghanaian: “I wish that you tie a pillow to my back, before you flog me.” His wish was fulfilled, but the flogging was so strong that the pillow tore into pieces after 25 lashes.

The South African, upon seeing what had happened to the Ghanaian wished for two pillows on his back but still, the pillows got torn early.

Now the Sultan turns to the Nigerian, And said:
“Now, Nigerian, since I am a big football fan and you play such beautiful football, I will be specially lenient with you. You have two wishes, but choose well.”

Then The Nigerian man said: “First of all I want 100 lashes”.

The Ghanaian and the South African look at themselves flabbergasted.

The Sultan replies: “I do not understand it, but we will grant you the double number of lashes! And your second wish?”

Nigerian: “Tie the South African on my back”

….this is how the xenophobia started.


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