A Poem By Nancy Ndeke


On a day like today, years ago, in the Land of The Braves and free
Heaven rained fire directed’ by men of no moral reasoning’
Twins in guarantee reinforced steel feet fell on flesh,
Crushing representatives of Nations from the globe,
And the world keeled in shock and disbelief at man’s capacity for evil,
Terror had barked blood and followed with thunderous pride at its score,
And on and on in different locale this evil creeps taking more casualty,
Why and more why as tears cling on the eyelids of broken survivors,
Aggression has no saint and a lie is an enemy to self and other,
Disordered minds sold to glory fables of hereafter thrives
And God is insulted by interpretation by tribal goons in pursuit of raw power,
Holding vengeance on dirty lines of skewed lines twisted to fit a crime
Terror. Terrorism. Terrorist. The trunk, the branch, the fruit of mayhem,
With years of investment of training and pruning truth from innocent ears,
Brain wash and drainage full of bias and hatreds sowed and carefully nurtured
Terror assumes many faces, many colors, and many drives,
Like war mongers, like healers who infect under pretense of cure,
Like faiths that preach hate, in the name of grey gods
Something informs this phenomena, and it’s far from surface excuse,
Huge investment on wholesale murders and infrastructure meltdown
Reaping xenophobic attendance of their own and caring little,
Again why O why sons of men do you behave like blood thirsty demons?
For those terror took much and left you questioning the sanity of fellow men,
Forgiveness may not bring loved ones back or take away the scars on your body,
Recognize evil for what it is and stand in the light of right,
Lift whoever is down as a fellow human and as penance for those who don’t.

Nancy Ndeke
@ 11/09/2019 #inmemoryoflifeslostinterrorattacksinourworld.

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