POETIC JUSTICE 172 -By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


Why waste wealth of time
Trying to convince the hearts of stone
That you’re what is sublime
Let them be blowing their rugged horn
You know that you aren’t a geek
You are the blossoming flower
An epitome of what they seek
But can’t find despite their power

I have shared a piece of your own mind
Served hot on a platter of gold
In assiduous pain, I followed you behind
Your spirit is naught but bold
That sends shivers to their spine
Keep piloting priority that makes you unique
Don’t deviate from your passion’s line
You’ve no need to prove the worth of your beak

You have walked your walk
Even in the scorching belly of the sadistic Sahara
You have talked your talk
Despite the venomous dictates of the Savannah
The more your flag flies
The more your accolades begem the mantelpiece
You belong to the skies
Do fly always with the sparkling royal geese
Copyright©William Warigon 2019

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