Forever In Love By JimCunningham-

Forever in Love


We are seeds entwined together,
In the purity of our love.
Some say we’re birds of a feather,
We have been blessed by God above.

When true love becomes forever,
Hearts and souls will be joined as one.
Becomes a lifetime endeavor,
True love will never be undone.

The years will continue passing,
We surmounted bumps in the road.
Loving memories surpassing,
Always helped to carry the load.

We’re still sharing tender kisses,
We still go walking hand in hand.
At night sharing reminisces,
Sometimes it didn’t go as planned.

In the end, our love would endure,
That’s what makes true love forever.
In our hearts, we were always sure,
What we share nothing can sever.

James F. Cunningham © 05.13.2019

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