How many times have I watched you
Wasting away in the winds of debauchery?
In your sombre moments,you look sober
Wearing the amulet of resolution
Ready to be redeemed once again
But as the sun hides his sneering face
You fall off the wagon again
The vicious circle is tiresome
It is cruelly cumbersome
In a dejected stage, I am left to pick up the pieces
In that short hiatus of your sobriety
I brim with heaps of hope
Relieved that the worst is over
Then you spiral out of control again
And the nightmares return
Leaving in their wake: pain and despair
My cajoling words
Fall in deaf ears
I know your soul cries for help
But you can’t help yourself
Your willpower has long flown away
If you love yourself
Take heed this one time
Know that second chances are rare
One day, they might just be the last chance

©William Warigon 201ic:bakasuyo.com