A woman’s right

Is her human right

She is dogged in fight

An all encompassing luminous light

Pervading the width and breadth of the universe

Such a branded, brilliant mistress of the universe

Carrying chest-full of milk of kindness

An epitome of jar of joy and happiness

Veritable vessel of pure prudence

Walking in storms in confidence

She is the prairie, the meadow

Strong, resolute even as a widow

She spins some songs

Conceived as wrongs

Inexorably, her breasts feed mankind

The sort that may deal with her unkind

A beautiful soul that charms a kingdom

Behind her kohl lined eyes lurks wisdom

That produces Queen, Prime Minister and Mother

Exuding such sweetness personified of a great lover

In times of war, her shoulder bears the burden

Of the folly of men who’re staunchly beholden

To the chaos and inhumanity to humanity

She scents the world’s odoriferous depravity

A quantum of solace to counter ego’s proclivity

She’s the perfect picture on the wall

Whose crowned dignity stands tall

Woman, God made you a woman

To woo man, making him a man

Your heart of smelted gold

Is a gift to souls new and old

Making the wan world a warm home

You have traipsed life’s thorny way

With gnarled knees from how you pray

Woman, well done!Welcome!

I am so glad you are my mom!


©Warigon2018 . All rights reserved.

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