ACCEPTANCE – By Ian Wilcox



I said that had found love
You inquired if with you
I said I’d run two Marathons
You replied a step will do

I am so different from what you’d seen
You laughed and did agree
Then replied with smile wide
That’s why you chose me

The person stood in front of other
Some views did disagree
Rather than making it an issue
An acceptance they did see

The people were so sick of fighting
Too many dear ones lost
Pushing the elected government
To weigh up the real cost

The number cruncher chewed their pencil
Fingers tapping keys
‘Loss leaders’ the solution
For some Book to please

I said to you that I’d move there
Rather than you coming here
For you had too much to lose
With Family you hold dear

We are now in a challenge
One which we will beat
I am coming back to you
Even if by my own feet

Ian Wilcox

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