A Poem By The Incomparable NANCY NDEKE


Within, is the full and fall of all nights and days in the passage of seasons,

The highs and lows interspersed with grief and grace of the ravages of rushing rains,

The joys and laughter on cover page’s of the book of living daily,

Each moon glow and sun dial finely leaving an invisible imprint upon a visit,

A million hours lacing the heart with diverse songs of varied tempos and tones,

A rocky patch and a wet slope each with its stamp to led,

Seasons reside within us and to see history of a soul look beyond the dress and smile,

The eye cannot be trained to lie like a flower cannot be trained to be ugly,

Let’s walk the seasons with less grudge and more gratitude for seasons are fleeting breeze on our collective breaths,

For ours is the now tomorrow is a dream never very sure.

Nancy Ndeke.
@ April 2019.

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