I’M WINNING – By Timothy Payton



You thought you had me didn’t you!!??
All too yourselves…
Thought you were going to take me…
Like my oldest brother & so many???

Yet it’s funny how the tables turned…
Through all the hell & pain I’ve earned…
Is because of you, but allow me to say…
I allowed YOU all to hop behind the wheel & play;

You see demons… your nothing to me!!!
I see all along, that YOU needed me!!!
I’ve learnt & learning about your ways,
How you take & give misery for days;

I would say F*** you demons!!!
But that’s the kinda of energy you love!!!
You’ve been doing it for years to me!!!
Now it’s Time to take back so deservingly!!!

This isn’t a poem, more like a letter of riddance,
Of getting rid of & taking back for a difference,
You can do it too!!! but what do you want to do???
it’s a matter of willpower, not what you can prove!!!

Study your demons, learn your triggers,
look into the pros & cons & how they figure…
Become the person you want to be…
Demons make you lose…
Now it’s Time for winning!!!

written by Timothy Payton

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