SWEET CHERUB – By Leisa Hirvonen

Sweet Cherub


Invisible rays of spirit light,
rain down on, the innocent one
Dressed all in white , that was woven in heaven
By two hands that were skillful and strong.
Raising her palms…to catch raindrops from heaven
Now her hands do glisten and gleam.
Standing so calm, in a hush of his presence,
The waves of his love make her beam.
So still and so silent, she enters his outpour,
There’s no place that she’d rather be.
Then softly she sings in the tongue of the angels
As a sweet fragrant offering.
Be still and know, that he is God,
Open up like a flower to the sun.
Do fill up your lamp, so to see in the darkness
And thank him for all he has done.

LMH 3/23/19

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