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And yesterday afternoon, ‘distinguished’ Senator Dino Melaye (SDM) ‘decided’ to come out of his house after 8 days of heavy police ‘sentry’ at his residence. But immediately he stepped into the public view, he fell yakata for ground and ‘fainted’. The poor hungry policemen who kept vigil for 8 days had to carry his big bulk into their waiting vehicle – to the police station and later to a hospital.

Unarguably, SDM is Nigeria’s political drama king per excellence – and some of us do not take him serious. Sad thing is, this is how many Nigerian politicians roundly deceives us but by other more surreptitious, clandestine, devilish but yet ‘sensible’ ways and methods. This is why it beats me that some Nigerians; particularly those who should see beyond SDM’s laughable theatrics, once again believe his childish acts and are running with this unintelligent display of crass, puerile and obtuse political behavior.

Do not misunderstand me: the man may well be innocent of all (or some of) the charges levelled against him by the Nigerian police – and it is possible that it is the Federal Government and his state governor that are fighting him as he has alleged – but someone should tell SDM to stop acting more than Nollywood and Bollywood actors put together because some of us still get sense inside our ‘kidneys’. Recently, SDM Jack Bauer-ed when he told us that he escaped from some assassins and spent 11 hours on a tree whilst they searched for him. Kai, my ‘kidney’! Walahi, sense won’t kill SDM.

Oga SDM, you walked out yourself but knowing that the media and cameras were outside, you ‘fainted’ just so you’d curry the sympathies of Nigerians – and already, the usual and ever-present easily deceived bunch are behaving like you want them to. But eh, if I am a Kogi West indigene and voter, I’d be both angry and embarrassed again by this childish theatrics – and before March, mobilize and educate others so we’ll join hands to vote someone else to replace you, someone who would play politics without this level of childish acts (even if that is what Yeye Bello wants). Nollywoood and Bollywood dey hunt for talents on a daily.

© Chad Otsapa