Grieving, heaving a sad sigh
When a single second splits
Your laughter stops, you cry
The sound of your heartbeats
Fill your ears with drums of dread
You become immobile
The one you’ve loved is now dead
You taste your own bile
Your mind is in a maze of confusion
The bitter truth refuses to register
You look at nature with pure revulsion
For being blissfully vile and sinister
You feel alone in a racy world
No word of comfort comforts enough
Emptiness cloaks your soul
You try as you may to be steely tough
But you succumb to the Vesuvius of emotions
Questioning God’s decision
When reality finally lands its final conclusions
You accept fate’s decision
No available choice
To fate’s whims you are powerless
In its hands all are toys
Yet, in your sorrow, do not be faithless
Under the armpit of abundant grace
You perch your relentless helplessness
To the Almighty you give all the praise
You’ve hope in the pit of hopelessness
®©William Warigon 2018