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After the Mid-terms, the blue party (Democrats) have taken control of the US House of Representatives for the first time in eight (8) years – no thanks to our ‘amiable’ President Donald Trump.

Democrats now have 221 House of Representative members while the Reds (Republican) have 198 members. But in the Senate, the Republican party maintained it’s majority with 51 Senators as oppose to the Democrats 44 Senators.

With this outcome, life is about to get difficult, very difficult for the unguarded-speaking Republican President – who, at a press conference after results were announced, said that the defeat of his party in the House has made things easy for him – because he would now blame the Democrats for his failures. Whoosah!!! Can you beat this?

Ovyh Alkau, your ‘method’ man has lost the House of Representatives as I said would happen – and madame Nancy Pelosi (D-California), yes Pelosi, is set to be the Speaker and ofcourse President Donald Trump’s biggest albatross.

©Chad Otsapa, 2018