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If you read my articles, you may have noticed that I always harp on the fact that Nigerians are now less apolitical than they hitherto were and are increasingly becoming more interested in the day to day activities of government, public office holders and politicians. Today, more Nigerians are beginning to, on a daily basis, ask questions and demand answers from political leaders unlike in the past when this very important civic duty was left for journalists, activists and the main opposition political party.

It is 3rd November 2018, some 104 days to Nigeria’s presidential election and candidate Muhammadu Buhari’s WAEC certificate matter rages on the heels of reports (and accompanying pictures) that WAEC has presented the APC candidate his original certificate. Recall that this same issue played out before the 2015 General Elections but it did not generate this kind of heat, coverups, arguments, counterarguments, resistances, supports, etc, as it is attracting this time. From a nonpartisan aspect, this is the beginning of good things seeing that political and electoral apathy on the part of citizens, who never or rarely demanded for accountability, is one of the reasons politicians and public office holders have taken us for rides/granted – since 1999.

No matter the side of the divide that you belong to (and you should belong to one), this raging episode is ultimately a good development for our beleaguered country and her longsuffering people. Why so? This increased interest by more citizens on what happens in their states and in their country is a sign of good things to come – because politicians and political parties would ultimately be forced to always live above board as they now know that citizens, who are the real VIPs, who are the true cusdodians of political power, political authority and who grants legitimacy to the government, are keen and are watching with eagle eyes.

This is the angle I have now elected to look at this certificate saga. Therefore, whether President Muhammadu Buhari has a 1961 WAEC certificate or not and whether there is conspiracy in the one recently issued to him as seen in the attached picture or not, politicians and political parties in Nigeria are beginning to realize that their power, ability and capability to cheat and deceive Nigerians is daily reducing. In 2018 and beyond, more Nigerians are now interested in what happens in their communities, states and the country. With this, future political office aspirants now know better than to seek to deceive Nigerians.


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