The lone street is wet
With blood of many adherents
Dried death they met
This morning, mourning tents
Closed doors,weeping windows
Friendly enemies with their loss
Each lurking like strange shadows
Rolling love gathering no moss
Loud speakers proclaiming love
To ourselves we have truly failed
Where is the peace of the dove
Emblazoned on each religious lane?
How could hate find a place
Beneath the altar of lovingkindness?
Piety insulted on its pious face
A bloodied sword wielding kindness?
Fear, suspicion, distrust now cloaked
In the midst of long timed friendship
Neighbours numbers of phones blocked
Would peace ever reign in relationship
That was strong
Despite difference of credo,creed and culture
It is very wrong
Bad sign sent to posterity,owners of the future
That what should bind and unite
Separates and divide
Everyone’s orison said at night
Is to bring love unhide
To practise that we preach
Living the deeds we teach
Tolerance we must sow and nurture
In lieu of painful spiri-physical torture

©®William Warigon 2018